Fashionably Athletic

In the real world, I used to be very athletic. I played sports as a child and I danced for many years. As I grew older, I took up various recreational sports such as running and tennis.

But as you get older, the body can betray you. I recently had knee surgery to repair my meniscus and my ACL, so any sort of sport activity has been out of the picture. I miss the feeling I would get after a good workout. My body would feel strong and healthy. Most of all, I felt good about myself.

I’m still on the road to recovery, working through physical therapy. But the good thing about spending time in SL is that I can still be that “athletic” girl, even if my RL body isn’t there yet.

If you consider yourself  an athlete, perhaps a  former athlete or just a wannabe, check out this month’s Uber. Appropriately enough, the theme is athletics. So much fashion and stuffs to satisfy your all your fitness and fashion needs! Like theses sneaker shoes from Hucci.

Hucci @ Uber
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The Juti Sneaker Collection is a combination high heel and sneaker. Perfect for the fashionista that works up her sweating while shopping! These shoes are made for wear with Slink High Foot, Maitreya Lara High Foot and The Mesh Project Ouch Foot.

For full customization options, I suggest getting the collection. For example, the styles shown above were created via the multi option HUDs (yes two HUDS!) included in the collection pack. You can change everything– laces, rivets, stripes, mesh insert, shoe tongue, trims and much more. However, if you prefer to keep things simple you can always buy single shoe colors (but only the sole is color change).

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