Physique, Visage, Avatar Enhancements Update @ Slink

YAY! For my SLink lovers out there, no more limits. Now with Omega compatibility, we have unlimited options in skin, clothing, etc.

Be sure to head over the SLink to get your updates which applies to mesh bodies, mesh heads, mesh feet and mesh hands.

Slink Style

The Slink Physique Female body, Hands, Feet and Visage Heads have all been updated today. The 2 major changes are tinting options, and Omega support! Please go to the Slink Store and hit up the redelivery terminals for your updates!!

PhysAd Large New

The Omega system is a universal applier system which allows you to use your Omega HUDs with the Slink Body system. Both Male and Female body systems are now able to use Omega. You need the Slink Omega Activator HUD from the Love -n- Lust Designs store, wear it, your Omega HUD and you’re set to go! Of course, Slink appliers still work!

Physique, Visage and the female hands and feet can now also be tinted. If you want to be purple, green, pastel pink, be my guest! It’s a lot of fun to play with the tinting options. You can tint the skin, tattoo layer, clothing and underwear layer…

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Time To Hit The “Wash”

If you have not hit up the The Wash Sim’s Cart Sale, then you are missing out. All items are 10L, with some select items priced at 50L (which is still a great deal, IMHO).

Lumae is participating with several delicious skins for only 10L each. There are four faces/skins available: Adore, Niska, Fae and Jewel.

Each face/skin has the same makeup called Plum Delight. All skins at the sale come in either tone 4 or tone 6. Below, I am wearing all four tones (labeled) in tone 6.

Hit The "Wash"
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Each skin has her own uniqueness. The Adore skin has a very rosy cheek, while Niska has a softer blush on along with a slight highlight. Jewel has slight sparkle on the inner eye that really makes her face “pop,” while Fae has an exotic feel and appearance.

These are all full skins and has all system skin options for eyebrows, freckles and cleavage, also all head, mouth and body appliers. A modifyable shape in included too.

Once the 10L Cart Sale is over, all the skins will be released at the store for all tones.

The Wash 10L Cart Sale ends on September 16, a week from today. Still time left to get some fabulous skins at a fantastic price!

Teleport to Lumae @ The Wash Cart Sale:


  • hair – deliah by iconic couture (new, available at mesh avenue event)
  • clothing – gilet & tee, sequin silver by coco
  • earrings – eternity earrings, tourmaline/silver by violet voltaire
  • necklace – twigs necklace, silver by luxe

Quiet Thoughts

Quiet Thoughts


  • hair – feline by little bones
  • skin – cynda, eiskaffe (tone 7) and dark red eyebrows by deesses boutique
  • face – face freckles v4, cynda sensual touch eyeshadow by deesses boutique / babysisters club lashes by cheap makeup
  • earrings – eclat stud earrings by realevil industries
  • dress – summer gown by nyu
  • mesh attachments – slink elegant mesh hands

Take Care of My Heart

LaVian @ Mesh Avenue
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Teleport to Mesh Avenue


  • hat – castries sun hat – geo pink by couture chapeau
  • hair – chorus by little bones
  • skin – cynda, hot chocolate (080) tone by deesses boutique
  • face – cynda lipstick – jamm/ face freckles V3/ dark brown eyebrows by deesses boutique
  • jumpsuit – [essentials] take care by lavian (available at mesh avenue event)
  • shoes – nottingham stilettos (for slink high mesh feet) by shey shoes
  • flowers – roses jug by apple fall
  • prop – sartorialist showcase by exposeur
  • mesh attachments – slink high mesh feet and slink elegant hands