LaVian Debuts New Signature Collection

Leave it to LaVian & Co. to create all new, completed looks for the fall. Recently, LaVian announced it’s Signature Collection — namesakes, so to speak. You’ll find each release named after someone. More importantly, each release will be completed styles that will keep you looking fabulous! The first release in the LaVian & Co. Signature Collection is the ensemble called Khitten.


 comes with dress, boots, scarf and shawl. Note: the dress is designed for the “hands in pocket” look. Mesh hand wearers should take note that they will need to remove their hands and make the wrist invisible to wear the look properly.

The dress is mesh and comes in standard sizing. Same goes for the boots as they are not made for any specific mesh foot or body. The HUD provides customized options for all components. Below I am wearing the dress with the shawl and scarf (left) and just the scarf (right).

Styling on the Ave
The dress, boots, and scarf all come with six colors that you can mix or match. The shawl comes with six different patterns and you can see a few of them in the pic below.

So much to play around with and so many ways to make this look your very own! As you can see, I had a lot of fun on the streets of NYC, sporting the look in different colors and wearing different options. Khitten is for sale at the LaVian & Co. mainstore.

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  • hair – (photo 1)  boss by iconic couture / (photos 2 & 3) sadie, walnut by zalea hair
  • skin – (photo 2 & 3) edith, tone 5 by ys*ys
  • jewelry – nacre necklace and earrings by modern couture

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