When Two Become One

The title of this post might remind you of a marriage. Well, in a sense, I could be talking about a marriage. Not in the literal sense. But a marriage of style, design, fashion and all around fabulousity!

Leave it to the top divas in SL fashion, Neveah Niu and Eboni Khan, to come together for an awesome collaboration. Available only at Mesh Body Addicts, the Russina hair by Iconic and the Hooded Crop Top/Hooded Dress by Hucci are must haves!

Mesh Body Addicts | Iconic x Hucci

Iconic brings us the Russina hair which can be worn with or without the hooded items from Hucci. Demos are available so try before you buy! Basic hair options are 300L each, while the faded pak is 475L. My personal fave, the essential pack, is 475L and the ombres are 575L.

Hucci offers up two great designs that match perfectly with the Russina hair. First up, the Logan Dress, which is mesh body compatible, comes in 13 color options and is 225L each. The Quani Top, a cropped top that is mesh body compatible, comes in 13 options and is 155L each. Demos are available for both Logan and Quani.

Iconic x Hucci

Now you can wear these items separately (hooray!), but why would you? They go together perfectly! The entire look just flows so nicely and really makes for effortless, yet stylish dressing.

Mesh Body Addicts is open until Feb.10. Be sure to check it out,e sp. this hot collaboration between Hucci and Iconic!



  • skin – becky/natural cleavage, caramel by meghindo’s
  • face – soiree – sheek contour, hollow-medium by razorbone /  nouveau eye makeup by glamorize / rumors eye makeup, amber by glamorize 
  • lips –  heartbreaker lips by glamorize
  • jeans – jatei jeans/hourglass, collection by hucci
  • shoes – juti sneaker, collection by hucci / enterprise boots (hourglass), collection by hucci / artesia sandal, leather (collection) by hucci
  • jewelry – abc bracelet by minimal / excessively diamonds ring, gold by baubles! by phe
  • mesh attachments – slink hourglass mesh body / slink elegant hands / slink high mesh feet