Evil Bunny Hunt: Off The Wall and United InshCon

EBH: OTW and United InshCon

The Evil Bunny Hunt is rolling along! With just a little over a week left, there’s still time to get your hands on some great gifts.

For the decor mavens or those of you looking to add a bit of spring to your homes, the hunt has you covered!

First up is the Fountain Planter from OTW (Off The Wall). I love that it’s resizable so you can make it as big (or small) as you want. Check out the cute touches too, like the bird perched on the top.

United InshCon is offering the Shabby Caravan for the hunt. The front door (which is on the side, near the stairs) opens and you can place a few items on the inside as well. A comfy chair, some throw rugs, one or two end tables and a lamp will do just nicely! I can see this as a fun little hide out spot. Think of an adult tree house, only not in a tree (LOL)!

Over 80 stores are taking part, so get moving before it’s all over! Need a hint? Check out the hints page!

Ready to dive right in? Here’s your starting point.