Mixing Things Up

Beautiful Dirty Rich (BDR) recently released its “mix and match” system of applier-based clothing. You can learn more about it here. In short, this new system allows you to combine tops and bottoms from dresses and bodysuits, thereby creating your own unique look !

Below is a look at the pieces included (so far) in the mix and match system, including BDR’s Hundred MilesYoung and Beautiful and Daya.

Mix and Match w/ BDR

Below are close-ups of the top options. The middle picture is the back of the long-sleeved Daya top. These tops can be mixed with the various skirt lengths shown above.

BDR - Top options

The mix/match system comes in a TON of colors– 20 to be exact– which is awesome but maybe overwhelming for some. Want to narrow down your choices? Then head over to the BDR main store and get the color tester. This free jumpsuit (seen below) is the “try before you buy” option so you can preview the range of colors. Fantastic!

Tester Bodysuit @ BDR

I am also wearing the Daya Heels, which are meant to work with the mix/match system. So this makes wearing ensembles a breeze! Demos are available here.

Wanna dive right in and get busy mixing and matching? Be sure to look for BDR clothing that has the following logo on them. Only the items with this logo are compatible and included in the mix/match system:

These items are all great options for anyone looking for applier-based clothing. As of last month, appliers include Omega (highly recommended!), TMP, Slink and Maitreya.

Teleport to Beautiful Dirty Rich in-world, browse BDR on the marketplace or learn more on the official website.


  • hair – pei, collection by iconic couture (*new, available at hairology thru 5/30*)
  • skin – anne skin and eyebrows, tone 08/hot chocolate by deesses boutique
  • face – diva lipstick for anne skin by deesses buotique | beauty moles by le forme
  • clothing – all clothing by beautiful dirty rich
  • shoes – daya shoes by beautiful dirty rich
  • jewels – elix collar and earrings by kibitz | spring midi rings, gold by izzie’s
  • mesh attachments – slink physique mesh body, slink high mesh feet and slink relaxed mesh hands

Location in the Spotlight: [Elysion]

A wonderful SL location that is definitely worth visiting! Thanks to Caitlin Tobias for sharing.

SL Blogger Support

In my series of ‘Location in the Spotlight’ I always look for places that are blogger/photography friendly and easily accessible – in most cases this means I feature sims that are open to the general public and usually M or G rated, though sometimes I write about the occasional Adult rated place (like Binemist).

This time I have chosen to feature a gorgeous location, [Elysion], which is not only Adult rated but also a ‘members only’ place. Meaning, you need to join the [Elysion]  group, and pay a fee of 650 LS)  to enter the sim.

Why do I put such a place in the spotlight for bloggers?
Because it is a beautiful location, it is very blogger- and photographer friendly and Adult isn’t a scary rating, as you will read in the interview I had with [Elysion] owner Syn Beresford.

Old Pine Old Pine by Marshall Booth


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