Rest for a Spell

Oh hey there.

You caught me enjoying a quiet moment, relaxing with a good book. Oh and by the way, I’m shopping too. How can this be? What sort of trickery is this? Nothing magical my friends. Just a new shopping event called Buy Now!

Turn The Page

See, from the ease of anywhere inside of SL (or in the real world for that matter), I can click a few buttons and shop the latest deals and hottest fashions. Like this short set from 1 Hundred called Adorable Shorty Set. The set comes with both a pink version (which I am wearing) and a lilac version. Applier based clothing as well as layers for classic avatars.

Rest for a Spell

I tell you, there is nothing like hassle free, convenient shopping. No crowds. No lag. No slow rezz. No problems!

You can check out the complete list of participants for June by clicking here. Tons of great fashions, shoes, hairs, poses, decor and much more! When you’re on the Marketplace, be sure to turn the maturity rating/level to “adult” to view all the listings. If you are doing a manual search, type in “Buy Now – June.”

Soon enough, you’ll be sitting pretty and chilling like me. Shopping cart full of goodies without teleporting all over the grid. Now that’s what I call the good life!

Get in on the action. Visit the Buy Now event, only on the SL Marketplace.


  • hair – april by the alice project
  • skin – adore/tulips (light brow), pecan (tone 7) by lumae
  • clothing – adorable shorty set (blouse and shots), pink by 1 hundred (*new, available during June –  Buy Now – SL Marketplace*)
  • shoes – gugu sandals by mutresse
  • necklace – allure necklace by je suis
  • mesh enhancements – physique body, deluxe feet and elegant 1 hands by slink
  • location – netherwood