Get Some Really Useful Stuff For Summer

Wrapping up my coverage of The Fashion Loft’s (TFL) ‘Sail Into Summer Event.’ Over the past few weeks, I highlighted great fashions and accessories to get you ready for the summer months on the grid. For my final post, I’m sharing something non-fashion related but definitely in line with water and fun!

The Really Useful Scripts Corner is offering its’ Really Useful Aquarium as the hunt item. An elegant mesh aquarium that is “inset in a mesh display shelf with changeable textures.” It comes with mesh coral pieces, mesh shells, scripted fish, and a changeable texture on the display shelves. A wonderful addition to any home with a very realistic touch! Plus the fish are very soothing to watch and they’re super cute too. 🙂

Also available as the event exclusive is the Really Needy HUD (Adult version). This HUD will create an immersive experience for your avatar, especially for roleplay. It actually simulates many psychological and physical conditions of your “body” such as hunger, thirst, energy, health, and procreation. The HUD will let you know when your “body” is experiencing these conditions, which affects your “need meter.” Over time, your meter will decrease from 100% to 0% unless you perform certain tasks – such as taking a drink of water, eating some food, or taking a shower. The HUD interacts with many foodstuffs, furniture, and items across the grid — all of which will bring your need meter back to full status. Very cool item for those who like to roleplay and have more realistic experiences inside of SL. Definitely worth the 99L!

You can use your TFL Event HUD to get the hint for the hunt item and then navigate to The Really Useful Scripts Corner.  Follow the anchors on the floor to locate the Needy HUD .

The ‘Sail Into Summer Event’ ends tonight, so just a few hours left to grab these fun items for your SL summer!