Girl, Where U Been?

Hey all,

Let me apologize for the silence on the blog. It was NOT intentional, but you know the universe has a sneaky way of making things happen when you least expect it. Everything is well with me. I am not leaving SL or the fashion blogging space. But can I be honest with you?

Between the pandemic and working from home (which means being on my computer from sunrise to sunset), I needed a break. It was all too much and too often, like 24/7. I had no time “away” from the screen, which left me filled with anxiety and dread. Basically, ya girl was stressed, burned out, and just couldn’t find the energy to login and play.

This short break has left me feeling better and slightly rejuvenated! I’m ready to jump back on the grid and play in my virtual closet once again. So you’ll start seeing new posts by this weekend. 🙂

Thanks for hanging around, checking out my recent posts (like this one), and following/liking my photos on Flickr. Most of all, thanks for understanding that even pixelated people get tired too.