Take A Little Trip With Me

Lately, I have been itching for a vacation. Maybe it’s because of the pandemic or the fact that the summer season has flown by so quickly. Either way, I wanted to get out of town and experience a change of scenery. To get my fix, I logged into SL.


A lot of my recent looks have a more ‘vacation-ish’ vibe and it’s for a good reason. I am fresh off my first virtual destination trip with one of my SL besties! It was a complete blast being so immersed in role-play and exploration. I will definitely share photos and tell you more about it in a future blog post.

But for now, get into one of the looks I had planned for the trip. Light, breeze, and sexy. Yup, it’s a vibe!

Vacation Vibes


  • hair – salamandra, greedy pack by vanity hair
  • skin – salima, ebony tone by [theSkinnery]
  • face – infinity makeup palette by the face
  • dress – vacation dress by b.d.r./beautiful dirty rich (*new, available at anybody thru 8/30*)
  • shoes – solstice sandals, flat fit by blueberry
  • jewelry – flexin earrings and necklace, gold by ryca
  • handbag – breathe bag, black by [ddl]