Be Beautiful, Get Dirty, and Stay Rich With the B.D.R. Black Friday Sale!

Hello, beauties! Ahead of Black Friday on the grid, I’m giving you the scoop on a fantastic sale — happening right now. Don’t say I never gave you anything! wink

*B.D.R.* Black Friday Sale!


B.D.R./Beautiful Dirty Rich’s Black Friday Sale starts today and runs through Tuesday, December 1. Fifty percent (50%) discount on (mostly) everything, including the outlet store. Discount will be refunded to you on the purchase of your item. Be advised that store credit is not active/available during the sale.

Oh, and just so you know (before you go), the following are not available during the sale:

  • marketplace items
  • 100L promos
  • gift cards
  • any item available at a current event

View some of my previous posts for ideas on what to buy. You can also check out the B.D.R. Flickr page for more inspiration. Then make your list and head over to B.D.R.  Taxi