1. Do you buy the fashions and other items shown in your blog posts?

For posts that feature fashion or related accessories from designers that I work with, those items are often provided as courtesy, blogger and/or review copies. Please see my Featured Designers page for more info.

In addition, I am a member of several in-world blogger groups through which I occasionally receive review copies.

For all other fashions and related items, I buy them on my own. This can include purchases from monthly events (think Uber or C88), weekly events (think FLF) or mainstore purchases as advertised through in-world and subscriber groups. Trust me, I spend a GOOD AMOUNT of $L on SL fashions and related accessories.

2. Do you accept review copies?

The short answer is yes! For more information regarding my review policy, click here.

3. Do you collaborate with other bloggers?

Yes! I have done several collaborations in the past and I am always open to working with fellow bloggers. If you have a concept or idea that you feel would be a good match, contact me in-world.

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