Originally published March 2009


A few weeks ago, I received a person IM from someone who “admired” my courage in how I represented my AV in SL. They asked if I had ever been the butt of jokes or negative feedback. I told her that I had, esp. when I first came into SL.  But I have not had many problems as of late and it seemed that folks in SL were becoming more accepting of different shapes and sizes. Boy, was I wrong!

Recently, I was camped out at a lucky chair, waiting for a pair of boots. Several people tp’ed into the area as well. They all seemed to know each other. After they all said hello to each other, an interesting conversation took place. I have taken the liberty to copy the entire conversation so as not to misrepresent anything.  And I had no need to erase names, since the person(s) involved had no problems speaking in open chat. The portions that are in bold contain the crux of the conversation…..and so the conversation goes….

[20:27]  Koe Sao: Wow, that person sitting at the tabl ebehind us is fugly [20:27]  Naomi Babcock: that’s a lovely thing to say out loud XD [20:27]  Mirei Loire: Hay, ain’t mah kitties cute? xD [20:27]  Naomi Babcock: Mine are cuter 😛 [20:27]  Koe Sao: I mean, there is ‘boxum and sexy’ and there is ‘just plain fat’ [20:28]  Kiki Kitty: I am a demon… [20:28]  Coco Kitty: no you aren’t, i am/ [20:28]  Mirei Loire: Nah, I think she looks fine… maybe too long a neck, but big can be beautiful :3 [20:29]  Naomi Babcock: Mirei.. see my kitties? [20:29]  Chabana Bohemia: HI 😀 [20:29]  Koe Sao: Well, I’ve no problem with either athletic of boxxum but I do have my limits in both directions. [20:29]  Khitten Kurka: I would think people with any sort of manners would mind how they speak in public. If you have an issue with my AV, keep it to yourself. [20:29]  Koe Sao: Hello Chaba [20:29]  Chabana Bohemia: Koeee :3 [20:29]  Naomi Babcock: manners? there’s no such thing in SL [20:29]  Mirei Loire: I see nothing, I’m AltCaming around [20:30]  Mirei Loire: xD [20:30]  Naomi Babcock: 75% of it is about the sex. [20:30]  Koe Sao: So your… basically sitting here all watching chairs? [20:30]  Naomi Babcock: on my shoulders, mirei 😛 [20:30]  Chabana Bohemia: Manners? Who said anything about manners? [20:30]  Naomi Babcock: koe said she was fat [20:30]  Naomi Babcock: and fugly [20:30]  Khitten Kurka: What I am doing is my business, why are you concerned? [20:30]  Naomi Babcock: Koe was asking us. Now who’s being rude? [20:30]  Koe Sao: If you don’t like what I say, mute me, it’s that simple [20:30]  Chabana Bohemia: Who Mirei? Koe, she isn’t fugly >.> Did you ever think its your lack of manners, among other things, that gets you banned all the time? [20:35]  Naomi Babcock: hey, it was koe, this time. [20:35]  Naomi Babcock: i didn’t say anything [20:35]  Mirei Loire: I practice friendly manners as much as I can whether in SL or in normal life [20:35]  Koe Sao: I never said that either, infact I went out of my way to point out that fat and boxum (pleasantly plump?) are two different things. [20:35]  Chabana Bohemia: OMG I WANT YOUR PIG~ [20:35]  Mirei Loire: xD [20:35]  Naomi Babcock: J.. and Q [20:35]  Chabana Bohemia: I’m just fat 😛 [20:36]  Mirei Loire: not many? [20:36]  Chabana Bohemia: Where did the piggeh come from? [20:36]  Koe Sao: Besides, you know I’m not so vain as to not see beyond appearances, though on SL where you have total control of your appearance, why would you look like her (and it goes beyond ‘fatness’) [20:36]  Mirei Loire: And Chaba, I got it as a freebie at some store… [20:36]  Chabana Bohemia: I dunno… I have a fat avatar that i wear sometimes because i think its cute >>;;;; [20:36]  Naomi Babcock: koe does have a point. [20:36]  Mirei Loire: the creator’s name is Wynx Whiplash [20:37]  Naomi Babcock: it’s all about fantasy. unless your fantasy is fat people..

I muted them all after that because they just sounded silly and insensitive. Shortly after their “conversation” I won the lucky chair and left the store.  It’s been a while since I have encountered such people in SL.  And my SL will do just fine I don’t encounter them again.

While the persons involved clearly are entitled to their own opinion, I would think anyone with manners (in any life– real or virtual) would practice them. To be mean and nasty, just to do so, is just wrong IMHO.  No, that does not mean that these people don’t have to like my AV. But it would seem right (and within the rules of SL), that people respect each other. No matter how they look.  An online community is just that, a community of people that cover the gamet in dress, appearance, shapes, skin color, etc. It’s a shame that some people choose to throw common decency out the window when they log into SL.

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