TFL Holiday Hunt Dresses You Up

Stay warm and busy this holiday season with the TFL Holiday Hunt. So many free hunt items and special sale items — including clothing, makeup, accessories, and holiday-themed decor! To learn more and see the items available, visit TFL online.

Applique Chic has this cozy “Winter Baby” sweater/skirt combo as a free hunt item! Here’s your hint: What’s for sale this week?

I’m also wearing the hunt item from Firelight. You can find the “Yvonne” hair by using this hint: Go get your hair done.
TFL Hunt - Applique Chic

It’s a complete look and it is perfect for fun holiday get-togethers. But there is so much more to show as we continue hunting through Dec. 31. So grab your HUD here and teleport to Applique Chic, Firelight and all the other stores participating in this grid-wide event!