Get Hip to the Fair

The 2016 Hipster Fair is underway! Lots of great “hipster” type fashions and accessories. Looking for something non-fashion related? The check out this furniture set from MunSpain.

Some of the item are gacha based, like the marquee signs. The “happy” hipster sign is a rare, so good luck in getting it! Other items are exclusives, like the cassette table which comes in pink (shown) and green.
Hipster Fair | MunSpain

I am showing just a few of the color options. For example, the chair comes in two other patterns/textures. There is also a donut chair (yes, an actual donut!) that is not shown here. The cute owl comes in a small version (shown) and a large version. So many fun ways to mix and match to make the perfect hipster hideaway!

Everything here (except the rug, which is from exposeur) is by MunSpain and is available at the Hipster Fair.