Fairy Tales Can Come True

Lushish Catz is offering the cutest gacha items for Fable, Once Upon a Time.  These Cute Tapestry items are available if you’re feeling lucky. Nine commons and one rare make for 10 chances to grab one of these inspiring pieces of decor! Here are just a few of my favorites…
She Lives

Who doesn’t like gnomes? No garden, front yard or backyard is complete without one. While shopping at Fable, be sure to grab these two sleepy fellas from Kitty Creations.


Pastiche has created the most darling items just for Fable; you will want them for sure! It’s the Season of the Faery! Check out the floor version of this caged fairy called “Fire.” She is pretty, petite and radiates her own special brand of fire. Four other fairy versions are available if fire isn’t your thing.

Pastiche’s exclusive item is Season of the Faery – Mother Nature (shown below). She is a magical fairy contained in a standing cage. When touched, she can emit snow, rain, flowers (shown), fury, leaves or all the above. I just fell in love with this one and I know you will too!


Such fun, themed-centric items to add to your home, garden, office or wherever! Be sure to visit Fable and see them for yourself.

Fable… Once Upon a Time runs through August 27.


Unknown Hunt: Pastiche

Happy Friday everyone!

Have you taken the time to do the Unknown Hunt? It’s short and to the point but packed with lots of goodies. You’ll definitely want to check out these new stores and see what they have to offer.

I recently showed some home decor items from several of the hunt’s participants. Now I am back to show you a few more pieces you can add to the mix. Check out what Pastiche has to offer! Two items that add a touch of vintage or a touch of elegance to your home!

UH- Pastiche

Below are closer views of each item: Vintage Family Photos (left) and the Classic Twig Vase (right).

More from the Uknown Hunt

It’s time to hunt Pastiche. Need a hint? You don’t have to be a blacksmith but it helps to know what tools they use. Knowing this will help you find your gift.

Here’s your taxi! Teleport to Pastiche.

additional credits

  • craftsman espionage chair, tan by lisp
  • sixtenn throw rug by crackberry
  • yuma bookcase by clutter