From My Lips: November 23

Glorious Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by today. I have lots of fashion goodness for you and I am so excited to share! This week’s From My Lips, highlights the designs of Skin Flicks; skin find from Adam N’ Eve; great hairs from bijou, BP, and Zero Style; a wonderfully cozy sweater from Bingo; and an oldie but goodie from Kenzie & Co.  Get your cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy the fashion!

Ocean View

I love teal and all colors closely related. Reminds me so much of ocean waters and green-blue skies. Maybe I need a vacation, LOL.  Well since I can’t get away right now, I pulled together a classic winter look with the calming effects of a year-round holiday.

Featured below are designs from Skin Flicks. I have always been a fan of Mavis’s actually skin line. I must say I am now a big fan of her clothes as well. A few weeks ago on my Flickr, I showed the Georgie Skirt.  Here we have the Mary Ann Solid Sweater matched with the wonderfully done Mary Ann Flaired Trousers. Very much like an outfit I would wear in real life.

The ETD Kristin Boot in Natural gave the bottom of this outfit a very uniform and classic look. I totally dig this hair from bijou, called Maya. The Chanel earrings are by Miam Miam. This week, I checked out the final days of the Adam N’ EVe skin sale and picked up this delicious looking skin– Alanna. I think this skin has been discontinued while they release their new lines. You can catch a closer look at the skin here.

Hair by bijou, Sweater & Pants by Skin Flicks, Shoes by ETD, Skin by Adam N' Eve, Earrings by Miam Miam

Sweater Time

While out picking up freebies from Bingo, I came across this oh-so-cozy knit sweater. It’s so darling; I just had to have it. It comes in several colors, but being the lady I am I just had to have the sweater with the pink flower (to be fair the brown version has a pink flower too). Underneath is a tank from VG Republic (no longer available), although I tinted it a bit darker to match the flower. Corduroy pants are from ETD and was a great match to the sweater.

Still wearing the Adam N’ Eve skin, I switched to Zero Style’s hair– Hays. Earrings from UnTone added another splash of pink and tied the whole look together.

Hair by Zero Style, Sweater by Bingo, Tank by VG Republic, Corduroys by ETD, Skin by Adam N' Eve, Earrings by UnTone

Ice Queen

Being out near frozen lake water, I could just feel the heat rising off of me. No wonder, I was wearing this tried and true dress from Kenzie & Co. (K&Co)– the Mod Dress. Since the dress has simple yet striking details, I kept everything else relatively low key. I added shoes from Aoharu for a little drama on my feet.

Still wearing my great Adam N’ Eve skin. I just love the rich color of this skin, plus the makeup on this version is nicely done. Versatile and can be worn with couture or street wear. I wanted my hair to be up, but a ponytail wouldn’t do. Leave it to *BP* to make this wonderful updo–Summer Chignon.

Hair by *BP*, Dress by K&Co; Shoes gy Aoharu; Earrings by (CS), Skin by Adam N' Eve

So there you have it! Enough fashion for you to spend your precious lindens.  Be sure to check out the Skin Fair going on right now! I picked up a great pack of skins from Lunacy and so enjoyed the very deranged yet delightful skin called Group Love/ Phoenix. See it here and on my Flickr stream (best viewed in original size).

Until next time,

Kiss Kiss

Spotlight On Lemania

Shopping Saturday!

This morning, I decided to get caught up on FashCon notices. Whew! Tons of stuff!!! Some of which I will show on my Flickr page. But today, I am going to feature a designer that I rarely mention. Which is quite odd because I have TONS of her creations in my inventory!! It’s a shame I have never shown her designs in full, so today is the day!

Lemania Indigo is an insatiable designer. It seems like every other day she comes up with something new. Right now, she is having a Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt. 30 turkeys in all, sprinkled and hidden (some in plain sight) around her sim.  Be sure to check it out for some great finds for just 1L.

Here I am wear the Plum Cocktail Thanksgiving Gift. This festive and sparkling design is perfect for all those little holiday parties. I love the lace detailing at the hem of the skirt. It gives the outfit a very dainty look. I paired the dress with black satin mules from SLink. Hair from Detour and skin by Adam N’ Eve make me picture perfect and holiday ready!

Every woman love the look of skins– croc, lizard, gator. It just looks rich and luxurious. I am wearing the Alligator Lace Outfit, which is a contrast of toughness and femininity.  In a wonderful sade of green, almost jade, this suit is accented with a matching hat. Since [hoorenbecks] stilettos have a croc texture option, I customized then to dark croc green which kept me draped in even more skins. The hair is from Polished Hair (hurry, they are having a closing sale right now) and skin is from Adam N’ Eve.

Just in time for the cold weather and holiday season, the fuzzy and colorful Sugar Blue Boxt is a part of the Thanksgiving Hunt. For just 1L, you get the cutesy fur hat, matching fur trimmed gloves, and dress. While not something I would normally wear, it is perfect for all the snow. Christmas themed photo shoots. More hair from Polished Hair and skin by Adam N’ Eve.

Just a small peek into the world of Lemania Indigo Designs. Be sure to check out the ongoing hunt and browse the main store @

Fashionable Friday Finds

*Try saying that three times*

TGIF!!! Yet another strange week in RL, so I am very happy its Friday. It’s pretty cold here on the East Coast, but it is always warm and sunny (if you like it that way) in Second Life (TM).  Been a good week for fashion finds and inventory digging, so I have some goodies in store for you.  And thanks for putting up with my random musings this week on the blog. Like I said, things have been strange as of late.

Last week, I mentioned the sale going on at Retrology in From My Lips. I wanted to show one more piece I picked up from there. I was in a fun and flirty mood so I took a few snapshots in this adorable, sleeveless dress.

Hair by C&H, Dress by Retrology, Skin by Lunacy, Shoes by :69:, Bangles by Seasons Haute Couture (no longer available), Necklace by :rama:

For the next look, I combined a little bit of old with the new.  I am totally in love with the plaid trousers, here wearing the Jasper version, from Hilarious.  Topped with off with the Agent Debbie Coat from Thimbles, I was ready for some great scenic shots.

Coat by Thimbles, Trousers by Hilarious, Shoes by Truth, Skin by Adam n' Eve, Hair by :69:

Fashion is definitely hot this weekend in-world, so be sure to check out the many fashions shows, Thanksgiving/ Christmas hunts, and new releases.

Until next time,

Kiss Kiss

From My Lips: November 16

Hola Mi Amigas!

Today I am going to start a new feature on my blog.  It’s called Fashion Review  From My Lips.

More or less, it will be *my* view of the best fashion finds. Certainly not everything you will find in the feeds, although some of it will overlap. These weekly ramblings will be a mix of off-beat, sometimes unheard of, but definitely fashionable finds. So look for it every Sunday.

Let’s get started with this week’s finds–newness from Nylon Outfitters, an interesting find on OnRez, great sale items at Retrology, and fashions by Jill.


As seen on the fashion feeds, Nylon Outfitters (NO) is back with a bevvy of new designs. Quirky and a bit uncoventional, the clothes here are always wearable and fun! I stopped in to pick up some items, new and not-so new. Here I am wearing the new Frilly Turtleneck by (NO). I love the way Nylon has made the patent leather-like belt a part of the sweater.  The prim collar (yes its mod) and the frilly chest attachment make this turtleneck easy to mix and match with other pieces. Kessert, and her new Hilarious line, has released some wonderfully done plaid trousers. I am wearing the Ocean Plaid, a perfect compliment to the turtleneck. Newly released hair from :69: (dontcha love that name *wink*) adds a bit of sexy to the look.

, Skin by Random
Turtleneck by (NO), Trousers by Hilarious, Shoes by Paper Couture, Hair by :69:, Sunglasses by Mokoptica, Skin by Random

Adjusting prim belts and other accessories can become a pain in the a$$. One of the many things I LOVE at (NO) is that the accessories, such as belts and necklaces, are most often made on the shirt or jacket layers. A cry of joy for AVs like me. I wold encourage all AVs with prim attachment challenges to visit (NO) for great necklaces, belts, and other accessories that wont’ drive you nuts wearing them!

Retrology is having a discontinuation sale. So now is the perfect time to add some one-of-a-kind-never-to-be-seen-again stuff to your bursting inventory. Here, I managed to slip into this sexy yellow dress called Bonnie.  A sleek, fitted dress, it can be worn with or without matching charcoal shirt. I chose to wear it without to show off the fabulous jewels by Miriel. I am still a big fan of those designer and the necklace and earrings shown are part of the May collection.

Hair by Phaylen Fairchild, Dress by Retrology, Shoes by hoorenbeck, Jewels by Miriel, Skin by Rockberry, Manicure by Vain (Group Gift)

I often troll the pages of OnRez for fashion, looking for things I can’t find on the grid. I was in the mood for opulence and luxury and wanted a coat. And this was what I found. A fabulous Ranch Mink Coat by SaraLee’s Collections for only 20L! It comes with a hat (which is a butterfly poofer– werid I know!) and matching boots (with way too much bling for me) which I opted not to wear.  I won’t wear it everyday, but it gives me an element of drama and flair anytime I need it!

Ranch Mink Coat by SaraLee, Skin by M&R Cupcakes, Earrings by Black Ageha
Ranch Mink Coat by SaraLee, Skin by M&R Cupcakes, Earrings by Black Ageha

And of course, I can’t leave you with a fashion mashup– this week featuring pieces from Jill and Last Call.  I am wearing the checkered top from Jill’s Checkered Brown Outfit. Paired with trousers from Last Call’s Marie-Helene’s outfit, this outfit is cute casual. The skin I am wearing is a group gift from PixelDolls. Hair from :69:– Still 02.

, Top by Jill, Pants by Last Call, Shoes by hoorenbeck, Skin by PixelDolls
Hair by :69:, Top by Jill, Pants by Last Call, Shoes by hoorenbeck, Skin by PixelDolls

And there you have it, great fashion from around the grid. If you are interested in any of the fashion, take the tp’s to designer’s locations in world. For interesting fashion and commentary, be sure to stop by every Sunday for Fashion Review.

Until next time,

Kiss Kiss